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Molly Rainford and Alex Kirsch Drop Sizzling New Single 'My Heart Is A Broken Record'!

Prepare to hit the dancefloor this summer as Molly Rainford and Alex Kirsch join forces to deliver an electrifying new single, 'My Heart Is A Broken Record,' released today via Positiva. The track bursts with a contagious four-to-the-floor house groove, unleashing a burst of vibrant energy that will have you moving all season long.

Though this is their first official collaboration, Molly and Alex share a special connection, having grown up in the same streets of Essex. Now, they team up to create the ultimate duo, blending their talents to perfection.

For Molly, who hasn't released new music since her debut EP 'Commitment EP' three years ago, 'Broken Record' marks a bold step into the world of club-infused soundscapes. Driven by rhythmic house-piano sequences and Alex's dynamic synth production, the track comes to life with Molly's infectious vocals and captivating lyricism.

Molly shares her excitement, saying, "I'm so thrilled for all of you to hear this track. It's been amazing working with Alex, and I hope it gets you in the summer mood! I love singing, and I hope this becomes the soundtrack to your summer!"

Alex echoes the excitement, adding, "We can't wait to bring you this summer banger. Wherever you are in Summer '23 - in the car, on a walk, at a party, or on the beach - get ready for instant good vibes!" Don't miss out on the perfect summer anthem; stream 'My Heart Is A Broken Record' now and let the groove take over your summer soundtrack!

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