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LUCI, the talented artist hailing from North Carolina but now based in New York, is making waves with her latest single '11:11' and its captivating music video. Following the success of her debut EP 'Juvenilia' in 2022, LUCI's triumphant return comes in the form of a summer pop hit that exudes joy with every listen. Released under the influential Don't Sleep imprint, founded by the A&R genius who discovered Peggy Gou, '11:11' solidifies LUCI's rise to the next level.

The track showcases LUCI's evolution and newfound confidence as she aims for the mainstream. With its infectious lyrics and beats, '11:11' marks a departure from her previous work and reveals a new sound and chapter in her artistic journey. Reflecting on the creative process, LUCI shares how the desire to create something different led her to collaborate with Lou and Elias, resulting in a unique musical experience.

Complementing the single is an enchanting music video directed by Emily Garlund. Shot across the vibrant backdrop of New York City, the video celebrates queer love, with LUCI taking center stage as the main character. Through dance and playful interactions, LUCI's captivating performance warms the heart and uplifts the soul, offering an instant serotonin boost.

LUCI, described as an artist who "bleeds creativity" by The Quietus, defies genre classifications with her multifaceted and electric sound. Drawing inspiration from various sources, such as art, cinema, and her punk show experiences, LUCI's music breaks barriers and refuses to be confined to a single box. With each release, she challenges preconceptions and evolves in a new era and sound that is undeniably her own.

Having garnered critical acclaim with her debut EP and support from notable outlets like The Quietus, Consequence, Clash, and Line of Best Fit, LUCI is set to make her mark on the music scene. Her captivating live performances, influenced by her training in ballet and traditional African dance, provide raw and visceral experiences for her mesmerized audiences.

Music has always been a refuge for LUCI, and her journey from Charlotte to New York is a testament to her dedication and passion. Immersed in the local music scene in Asheville, she honed her skills as a vocalist and explored various sonic directions with her band, Defbeat. Now, as a solo artist, LUCI's musical exploration continues, and 2023 is poised to be a groundbreaking year for this rising hip-hop talent.

LUCI's captivating sound, fearless creativity, and unique vision make her an artist to watch. With '11:11' and its accompanying music video, she proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, pushing boundaries and carving her own path to success.


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