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Los Angeles-based musician, producer and visual artist MAL NOT BAD releases new single "Dodgeball"

Los Angeles-based polymath Mal Not Bad has just unleashed their latest sonic gem, "Dodgeball," offering a tantalizing glimpse into an upcoming project set to drop later this year. This follows hot on the heels of their 2023 release "AP," which received effusive praise from The Guardian and others.

Staying true to the ambient soundscapes of their previous EP, 'Continuous Short Feature Film' (2022), Mal Not Bad elevates their sonic exploration by infusing electronic influences. In "Dodgeball," they expertly blend sampled drum beats with live instrumentation, crafting a mesmerizing fusion of pulse-based music and ambient allure.

Co-mixing talents of Mal Not Bad and John Lowell Anderson (known for collaborations with Porches and Margaret Glaspy), coupled with the mastering prowess of James Krausse (noted for work with Beyoncé), "Dodgeball" patiently unfolds. The track utilizes trembling guitar motifs and nuanced electronics, creating an introspective space where personal growth and internal struggles converge.

In Mal Not Bad's own words, "Dodgeball" serves as an extension of the thematic exploration initiated in the previous EP's song and music video, 'Sports.' Delving into darker lyrical tones while juxtaposing them with light-hearted visuals and titles, the artist reflects on the challenge of self-love. The dodgeball metaphor poignantly captures the internal struggle, where one endeavors to grow and feel good but consistently sidesteps confronting the aspects that inflict pain, such as self-hate.

Intriguingly, the visual dimension of Mal Not Bad's forthcoming project places a strong emphasis on movement. The music video for "Dodgeball," co-directed with Seannie Bryan (known for work with Weyes Blood and Blondshell), promises a captivating visual journey.

Having previously made waves as a producer and touring musician with Mk.gee and NoSo, Mal Not Bad has already left an indelible mark with two EPs – 'In Free Fall' (January 2021) and 'Continuous Short Feature Film' (2022). The artist has shared stages with the likes of Skullcrusher, illuminati hotties, Babehoven, and A. O. Gerber, earning widespread acclaim from prominent publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, COLORS, Consequence, and NPR.

"Dodgeball" not only affirms Mal Not Bad's ability to craft a unique auditory experience but also sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting and boundary-pushing musical venture in 2024.


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