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Listen: ALT.AIRE's Remaking of Massive Attack's 'Paradise Circus'

Today marks the debut release of sibling-duo ALT.AIRE, with their remake of Massive Attack's timeless Paradise Circus. The London-brothers' reconstruction of this trip-hop anthem reignites its success through a dark garage beat, as they incorporate the sounds of Burial, Bonobo and Floating Points.

ALT.AIRE form the pairing of two brothers, Dan and Fin, who grew up making music together and have since joined forces to explore their sound through live looping set-ups and improvisation. Although a well-suited and inevitable pairing, the brothers very much retain their own styles; with Dan taking a more cinematic approach to music through his work in film scoring, and Fin immersing himself in the production of garage, hip hop and dub.

Their focus on live instrumentation and looping is fundamental to the music they create. As seen in their Cabin Fever episode (which you can catch down below), the boys developed this track from an initial hook, exploring the soundscape around it with their array of synths and instruments. The video is a must-watch, as it not only demonstrates their ability, but also feels like a return to the world of live music that currently seems so far out of reach.

This track is only the start for ALT.AIRE, as they anticipate the release of tracks they've been sitting on for a while, including their first official work with Brazilian label Yellow Island Records. The EP is set to be huge, collaborating with Metropolitan Soul Museum - a tech house duo who have had releases on Step, Trunk Funk and Public Release amongst many others.

You can listen to Paradise Circus [Edit] and their CabinFever episode down below.

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