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Leeds Producer Figgis Returns With New Single 'Idle'

Figgis is back with his second release of 2020 following the Movements EP which came out back in April (see HERE). This one comes in the form of a single titled ‘Idle’.

We’re immediately greeted with some warm bass-synth laid under a soulful vocal, with trickling hi-hats gaining in intensity. A 2-step drum loop then enters the mix, creating something that wouldn’t look out of place on an Eris Drew release from earlier this year.

The vocals begin to get more chopped up to match the unpredictability of the percussion, while a simple but effective synth melody glides across the top of the track. Each component interweaves together seamlessly, leaving us with an understated but fun single with a textured finish.

The transition to the B-side cut, titled ‘Hours’, carries over comfortably. Intricacies are traded in for harder drums, which are only superseded by some nasty acid stabs which take the song to darker territory. A more soothing vocal is present here, though this again is chopped up harmoniously to achieve the production stylings that the lead single eludes to.

As the track progresses, there emerges a contrast between the warmth of another glistening synth melody and the clattering metallic tones which meet it. The juxtaposition is well-executed and rounds off another solid release from Figgis.


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