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Korzi is launching a label dedicated to his productions. The outlet, named Bone Idle, will be underpinning a versatile approach to UK techno, focusing on club-ready tracks yet free from conforming boundaries. ‘Brain Zaps’ marks the debut release, a four-track EP exhibiting this ethos and embarking on a new path for the Manchester based producer.

Inspired by Soundsystem culture and music of low frequencies, ‘Brain Zaps’ follows the release of 2021’s ‘Terra Preta’ on Left, Right & Centre - the Manchester club night and record label Korzi co founded in 2018. His new chapter with Bone Idle aims to set the pressure and pace for years to come. Best described as the headquarters for Korzi’s arsenal of bass heavy drums, weird and wacky synths and all-round gun finger energy, with a few surprises expected along the way.

There In Five begins the EP at a steady tempo, encompassing a soft glitching drum pattern and variable echoing synths that meander from the background to the foreground. Brain Zaps picks up the pace by taking us deeper and darker into Korzi’s universe with a sharp leading synth giving listeners a gripping enticement along the way. Elements of mystery

return to the surface with Bruk Nek Pace’s spinning chuggy bass and metallic twangs. Concluding the EP is Cranium, a track that features an intensifying blend of punchy underlying bass, rattling drums and distant vocals that closes on what feels like a cliffhanger.

Korzi’s prowess as a producer showcases what can be achieved when working amidst the borders of genres as he cross-pollinates a variety of styles and brings about a profound new sound in his productions. The launch of the record label allows Korzi to evolve as an artist in unique fashion, with full creative control of his work from the artwork to

productions to release patterns. The debut release will be available as a digital EP to stream online and purchase on Bandcamp HERE.


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