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Indulge in Ethereal Bliss with Bandit Heart's Latest Release, "Shield"

Nashville, TN - Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Shield," the latest masterpiece from the nostalgic grandiose songwriter, Bandit Heart. Drawing inspiration from Enya's timeless classics, "Only Time" and "Wild Child," this Nashvillan artist's latest release promises a captivating journey enriched with emotive vocals and elegant production.

Bandit Heart, reflecting on the track, revealed, "Shield was a very special song to record for me. It was written about how falling in love (and out of love) comes in waves. I grew up obsessed with one of Enya's most famous records, which had 'Only Time' and 'Wild Child' on it. So, Jared Corder (Polychrome Ranch) and I wanted to really dig into the meat of what made her stand out in that time and even now. So we recorded nearly 60 different vocal tracks on 5 different mics and blended them all together. For me, this song is a dream-like sequence that really feels like a pounding heart inside of a chest. I love how the beat just takes my ears over in an almost hypnotic wave."

Bandit Heart's music is best described as nostalgic grandiose bedroom pop, an amalgamation of Lana Del Rey, Sufjan Stevens, and 070 Shake. Founded by Troy Akers in Nashville in 2015, the project has garnered recognition with placements on popular shows like 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Pretty Little Liars,' and 'Reign.'

Since August 2022, Akers has been tirelessly crafting new music at Polychrome Ranch, just outside of Nashville, under the guidance of Jared Corder. This creative journey has led to monthly content releases, keeping fans eagerly awaiting each new sonic chapter. The evolution of Bandit Heart's music is a testament to the artist's dedication, with exciting releases lined up deep into 2024.

Prepare to be transported into the dreamy realm of "Shield" and stay tuned for more mesmerizing music from Bandit Heart.


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