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Hang Linton shares video for new single 'Blue Light Hike'

Leeds via Berlin multidisciplinary artist Hang Linton has unleashed a captivating new music video for his latest release, 'Blue Light Hike ft. Infinite Livez.' Combining post-funk breakbeats with a gritty, staccato bassline, Linton's avant-garde talent shines through in this track that showcases his uncompromising presence.

Linton, who honed his craft in the artistic hub of Berlin, has now made a triumphant return to the UK. His cutting-edge work spans various projects and collectives, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The release of 'Blue Light Hike' marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between non-profit music development organization Come Play With Me and EMI North, the first major label office outside of London. Together, they aim to champion the abundance of musical talent in the north, offering essential opportunities and long-term support to artists like Hang Linton who operate beyond the capital's convenience.

Surviving a "cult-like pyramid scheme" only to dive headfirst into the ruthless world of contemporary capitalism, Linton's eclectic creative output reflects a new way of thinking—an uprising against the need for pristine aesthetics and established norms. Instead, he fearlessly confronts the injustices and ugliness of the world, sparking a rebellious spirit.

The inspiration behind 'Blue Light Hike' stems from a distressing encounter Hang Linton had with the Berlin police. Merely walking down the street with his pregnant partner, they were aggressively profiled and detained by law enforcement three days before a Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020. In response to this traumatic experience, Linton developed the track as a form of therapy and protest.

Describing his debut music video, Hang shares, "I aimed to depict the bizarre and surreal lived experiences of individuals who, like me, endure and persevere through difficult times." The video offers a glimpse into a specific period of his life, where he worked in a greasy kitchen and regularly encountered racism on the streets he called home. Co-director Laura Lulika, who worked closely with Hang, adds, "We're thrilled that this video will be showcased internationally and online as part of the Presents series 2023, along with an interactive score that encourages audience participation."

With an arsenal of synths, samplers, and visual effects at his disposal, Hang Linton has been captivating audiences throughout the UK at various festivals and as the opening act for like-minded experimental artist and recent Zen FC signee, Baba Ali.

The commission of this groundbreaking video comes from Presents 2023, cementing Hang Linton's position as an artist on the rise, unafraid to push boundaries and challenge societal norms with his thought-provoking work.


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