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Getting To Know: sbk

After making waves at SXSW and headlining shows in London, Brighton, Bristol, and Manchester, versatile artist sbk is back with his self-produced track 'What Else?' set to release on December 22nd. The 21-year-old talent showcased his dynamic performance skills at SXSW alongside a stellar lineup, following a standout February appearance at Rome's TouchTheWood event series.

With an impressive catalog dating back to his first single at the age of 13, sbk has solidified his career independently. Featured on prominent UK platforms such as SBTV, Rinse FM, and BBC Radio 1xtra, he has not only collaborated with Grime heavyweights like Boy Better Know but also shared stages with icons Skepta and JME. Having graced international venues, including two shows in NYC and a Milan Fashion Week showcase, sbk's influence extends beyond the mainstream to underground raves.

While co-signed by Grime greats, sbk is carving his own path, infusing his music with influences from emo, punk, trap, and alternative genres. 'What Else?' is the latest testament to sbk's commitment to pushing boundaries and establishing himself as a rising star in the diverse landscape of contemporary music.

1)Congratulations on your new track 'What Else?'! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song and what sets it apart from your previous releases?

'What Else is quite upbeat compared to my usual songs, and it's my first co-production with Dylan Cross, it's one of my favourite tracks I've dropped this year, so I'm really happy for it to be the single that closes of my year.


2. You've had a remarkable journey in the music industry, releasing your first single at the age of 13. How has your music evolved over the years, and what do you think has been the key to your longevity in the industry?

I think my key to longevity is loving music, I love music more than anything so I think the longevity is just a by-product of that. My music evolved a lot, but it's always kept that raw element that signifies it's me. 

3. From performing at SXSW to collaborating with Boy Better Know and sharing the stage with Skepta & JME, you've had some incredible experiences. How have these collaborations and performances influenced your approach to creating music?

I think they've made me more motivated, and I need to look back on my achievements more, rather than keep staring at the next thing. I"m very lucky to have had these experiences but I did work very hard for them too. So I need to give myself more credit.

4. Your music has been featured on prominent platforms like SBTV, Rinse FM, and BBC Radio 1xtra. How has this exposure impacted your career, and what challenges have you faced as an independent artist in the industry?

Rest in peace to Jamal edwards, and big up anyone who has ever brought me on the radio. These opportunities are just like performing with Boy Better Know. The perfect combination of luck and hard work.

5. You've mentioned being inspired by emo, punk, trap, and alternative music. How do these diverse influences come together in your work, and how would you describe the unique sound you're carving out for yourself?

I think my new sound has never really been done before. It's a truly alternative take on the uk rap genre, but it's completely unique to me, with most of the work produced by me. This means that the sound is exclusive to me (& anyone who features on my tracks)

6. Looking ahead to 2023, what can your fans expect from sbk? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations in the pipeline that you can share with us?

I'm going to up the levels in 2024. I really can't afford to be stagnant. This is the year where my dreams come true.


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