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Getting To Know: Michael Keefe

Introducing Michael Keefe, also known as Flourish, has expertise in production, songwriting, composition, and mastery of multiple instruments—including a Grade 8 proficiency in Saxophone—I'm the creative force you need to elevate your sound.

Michael's musical journey began with classical training in Piano and Saxophone, sparking a lifelong passion for music that led to composing and producing at the young age of 10. His dedication and talent caught the attention of Sigala, earning him a coveted publishing deal with 'Lighthouse.'

Supported by Radio 1's Jack Saunders and collaborating with notable artists like Kideko and Luke Pritchard, Michael's portfolio spans across genres, from EDM to Pop, Indie, R&B, and even scoring for short films. Additionally, he's contributed his talents to the band 'second thoughts'. We spoke to him about the tracks that shaped his sounds, here's how it went down:

Sam Gellaitry - Solarium

I’ve been following Sam’s music and his evolution as an artist for about 7 years now and he never ceases to surprise me. This tune off the VF VOL II tape actually blew my mind when I first heard it. The textures and rhythms he works into this are mesmerising. The way he throws you off with polyrhythms making it hard to find where the true “one” is is such a fun twist. I actually had a heated debate with my girlfriend in the car over that, we both heard the first beat of the bar in different places. I still don’t know who’s right.. 

What a tune! 

Disclosure - Talk On the Phone

When Disclosure’s “Alchemy” album dropped last year, my friend Ben (from the duo “COMANAVAGO”) messaged me about this song saying “this has Flourish vibes” and I knew exactly what they meant when I listened to the track. I think it appeals to my taste in dance music so much because It’s groovy and hard hitting but it’s also melodic and beautiful too. The use of vocoders and acoustic guitars and bouncy bass lines is so infectious for me. Disclosure have been inspirations for years for me but I think “Alchemy” is by far my favourite project from them. The production, the melodies and the arrangement are so lush and detailed. Love it. 

Tommy Villiers, mustbejohn - To The Moon

This tune has been stuck in my head for months at this point. Tommy’s production is always so simple and stripped but every element is so carefully placed and essential to the groove of the song. I think this track is a prime example of that. The E-Piano chords and slap bass with mustbejohn’s laid back vocal delivery just comes together so perfectly on this. Bringing Tommy on for this EP to do “Marmalade (For Your Love)” has been such a pleasure - and as of when I’m writing this I actually have a session booked in with mustbejohn too… 

yuné pinku - Night Light 

Everything yuné pinku has dropped in the last couple of years has been class. The “BABYLON IX” EP was such a breath of fresh air - the melodies and productions sound so classic but also new and futuristic. Something about ‘Night Light’ is really nostalgic to me in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. I’d love to work with yuné pinku some day! 

“Embrace EP” releases March 8th here:


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