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Getting To Know: Karina Stone

Introducing Leeds-based emerging artist Karina Stone and her debut single, 'afterparty', which captures the hazy ambiance of post-night-out reflections. Through vivid lyricism, Stone paints a picture of youth and heartache, encapsulating the emotional aftermath of fleeting connections. Available now on all streaming platforms via APOLLO distribution, 'afterparty' invites listeners to delve into its melancholic haze. In Stone's own words, the song reflects the emotional clean-up following a night out, resonating with the push and pull of modern relationships. Categorized as 'sad pop', the track exudes a mellow, melodious sound, serving as an intimate expression drawn from Stone's personal experiences. With her debut EP on the horizon, Stone's journey as a singer-songwriter promises to unfold with raw talent and potential.

1. What inspired you to create 'afterparty,' and how does it reflect your personal experiences and emotions?

‘afterparty’ was inspired more by a feeling than a specific event. It’s about cleaning up the emotional mess after a turbulent situationship; I know, for me, how those emotions can feel sooo much more heightened in a social setting or post night out…

2. Could you walk us through your creative process when writing and producing 'afterparty'? How do you typically translate personal experiences into your music?

Songwriting is kind of like a form of journaling to me! I tend to write alone, putting pen to paper in my bedroom is how the process usually begins. I sent the raw voice memo of ‘afterparty’ to my producer who loved it and we ended up working on it down in Brighton! A song really comes to life for me when building a sonic world around the lyrics and melodies. It feels sort of magical and Toby, my producer, has such a way of translating a feeling/emotion into a soundscape. It’s a special experience being able to feel the emotions all over again in a different dimension when building out the production.

3. You've described your music as "sad pop" with a focus on intimate storytelling. How do you balance vulnerability and authenticity in your songwriting?

For me, writing is cathartic whether it’s just a two line journal entry or brainstorming some lyrics; so in my experience of songwriting the vulnerability comes from that place. I always encourage the people around me to write down their feelings!! It sounds cliché, but even if it’s just a quick note you can feel so much better seeing it on paper rather than letting it live in your head. I lean into writing conceptually, I guess telling the story of my emotions uniquely through a concept is how I show my authenticity. I aim for my music to resonate with people in terms of their own personal interpretations, whatever they may be.

4. 'afterparty' has been characterized by its hazy ambiance and melancholic undertones. How do you envision listeners connecting with the emotions and narratives embedded within the song?

I think when someone you have feelings for is pursuing another person right in front of you, it really, really stings. Dealing with the heartache in the aftermath is a universal experience which people may relate to. I hope people can feel seen & understood in that angst! 

5. As a newcomer in the music scene, how do you see your sound evolving as you progress towards the release of your debut EP, and what themes or messages can listeners expect from your upcoming work?

The majority of my debut EP was written last year at a time in my life where I felt like I was spiralling. It canvasses the heartbreak, loneliness and insecurity of navigating life as a young person. Sonically, some tracks are more stripped and some more produced out/quicker paced. Each song varies from the next although they still belong to the same alt pop, melancholic world which I’m so excited to share!


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