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Getting To Know: Four Faces

1. "Better Option" is described as an ambitious rock/indie track with an infectious energy. Can you share the story behind the song and how it has evolved since guitarist Eoin first wrote it in the summer of 2021?

Eoin says “I fancied the idea of a silly cheeky throwaway song so I threw it together in a day and then parked it because it was a bit too silly and cheeky for anything. The demo had a bit more of an 80s vibe to it and some of the lyrics were actually even cheesier than they are now. Once the lads got their hands on it the energy of the song doubled as it became much more guitar centered and it always seems to make crowds move more than any other of our songs” 

2. Your previous single, 'Old Scars,' received airplay both nationally and internationally, generating significant attention for the band. How has this success impacted your approach to music and your upcoming releases?

With Old Scars it was definitely our intention to produce a single that was more catchy and radio friendly than previous releases. However, we never could have imagined how much attention it would generate for us. It was truly a special moment when the BBC played the single which in turn led to many more stations following suit and exposing us to a bigger audience.  Since then our approach to releasing music has definitely changed and the release of our latest single Better Option was a conscious decision to build on the success of Old Scars 

3. You recently played a sold-out show at Workman’s Cellar. What was the experience like, and how does the live performance aspect contribute to your band's identity and music?

The Workman’s Cellar show in May was definitely a massive moment because we began to notice many new faces outside of our friends and family in attendance. It was also the first show we put on with Irish music promoter MCD so there was added pressure to sell as many tickets as possible! For us the live show has always been the most integral aspect of playing together because it is when we can truly gauge how people react to our music and it really helps inform our creativity.

4. Frontman Daniel Ffrench mentioned a "healthy urgency" in the band to take things seriously. Can you elaborate on your aspirations and goals for Four Faces as a band, both in terms of recorded music and live performances?

I think looking back on how we’ve grown over the last year we’ve almost become addicted to getting to playing bigger stages. We all went to see Muse together in the 3arena a few weeks ago and it was definitely a humbling experience but I think it also made us hungry to be playing gigs with a giant production and budget. Fingers crossed for festivals and more support slots in nice big rooms next year, and world domination soon after! We’d love to get into album mode to show people the full spectrum of what we do and give our deep cuts a bit more of a chance to shine also but loads of singles to come in the meantime!

5. "Better Option" will be celebrated with a headline show at The Workmans Club. What can fans expect from this upcoming show, and how does it tie into the overall experience of your music?

The fans can always expect that we’re going to put on an electrifying show. There was definitely no better way to celebrate the release of ‘Better Option’ than putting on the biggest show we’ve played to date. Our music is definitely best experienced in a live setting as we don’t hold back on our sound and visuals to make sure we really give our audience something to remember. As we progress, the show's production will only be getting bigger and better. 

6. You've worked with longtime collaborator Aidan Cunningham for mixing and mastering. How important is the role of your collaborators in shaping the sound and vision of Four Faces' music?

It was definitely important to us from the beginning to build strong collaborative relationships to shape our sound and vision and, when it comes to the mixing and mastering of our music, there is no better man for the job than Aidan. He has helped us form and develop our sound in more ways than we can mention. We have always believed in the idea that collaboration between artists, with different perspectives, is essential to truly create something exciting and unique and it can only be beneficial for all involved. 

7. Looking ahead, you have more tour dates lined up for Autumn/Winter 2023, including shows with Damien Dempsey. Could you share some insights into what fans can expect from these upcoming performances and how they fit into your band's broader journey?

The upcoming shows supporting Damien Dempsey in Mandela Hall, Belfast and Vicar Street, Dublin will be our last shows of the year and we are very much looking forward to them. Damien’s shows at Christmas are always a special moment where people from all different backgrounds gather in song and celebration and we are truly honoured to be part of it this year. Both venues will be the biggest we will have played yet so we want to make sure that we give it our best and set ourselves up for what is shaping up to be a busy 2024!  

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