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'One Community, One Goal', Celebrating International Women’s Day with Leeds Hyde Park Women+ FC

The idea that the Opportunities for sports or other areas of life … might be drawn on gender, or any other lines, seems appalling, and a terrible waste. Leeds Hyde Park Women+ FC (LHPW+FC) have such a good spirit, which was infectious and made it easy to want to support.’ Jack Simpson, Owner of Hyde Park Book Club.

’One community, one goal’, the core ethos of LHPFC guides the Women+ team’s deep connections to the communities within Hyde Park. Babystep was among one of the local collectives who donated to the club after over £5000 of equipment was stolen from the clubhouse in June 2021.

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The community spirit of Hyde Park is what keeps LHPW+FC grounded and whole; “It is nice to feel involved in the place you come to study and not in the university bubble” Jeff, ILHPW+FC member. In October, Hyde Park Book Club hosted a sold out quiz night for the team and local Drag legend, Coco Popperz made it an unforgettable, hilarious, and inclusive event.

Thanks to Hyde Park Book Club, LHPW+FC also collaborated with Awesome Merchandise, who generously donated club jumpers. The unique merchandise gained popularity on social media and sold out within days, so keep your eyes peeled on Hyde Park Book Club’s Instagram for a restock. Support also rolled in from different sport communities; Welcome Skatestore dipped in for a visit to LHPW+FC’s training for what was an emotional and generous kit giveaway, where the team discussed the value of Hyde Park - be it the club, the community, or the culture.

Only a year ago, the league players were swapping boots at half time, wearing kid-sized shirts and even swimming shorts to get them through the League. Though this was without complaint, some new star talents, including coach Chloe Marshall, have helped navigate the team through to 4th position in the league table, establishing LHPW+FC as friendly, yet fierce competitors in the West Ridings Second Division.

Despite their formidable presence, the team remains a welcoming and supportive environment for ALL women of ALL abilities; “LHPFCW have encouraged women plus to get involved in sport in a diverse environment which celebrates everyone from all walks of life” ‘It is really inspiring to see all the effort that the club has put into creating a strong community and making sure that everyone feels connected.’

With thoughts of international Women’s day brewing, Liam Kane at Anthology Brew ( IG: @anthologybrew) and some of the LHPW+FC team have been crafting a limited edition beer! Join the team for a perfect pint of the equaliser down at Brudenell Social Club on Tuesday 8th March at 7pm, where the team will be proudly toasting to ALL women (and to beer). Anthology Brew co. will generously match a portion of the profits from the ‘The Equaliser’ as a donation to the club.

Come along to our Tuesday sessions at 5:45pm at Dixon’s Training Ground in Chapel Allerton and/or Come watch one of our league matches at Elida Gibbs, 2pm on Sundays.

Message our page IG to get involved: Leedshydeparkwomenfc.

Photographer Sarah (IG: Sarahhoglesby_ Creative) and stylist Amelia (IG: _Amelia_Brownhill_Styling_) captured these deep contours of the Hyde Park map, where the LHPW+FC community and local collaborators collide as ‘one’.


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