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FIZZ Unleashes Their Debut Album "The Secret To Life"

Today marks a milestone for the fast-rising musical collective FIZZ as they release their highly anticipated debut album, "The Secret To Life," via Decca Records. The birth of FIZZ occurred when long-time friends and musicians, including dodie, Orla Gartland, Greta Isaac, and Martin Luke Brown, joined forces to create music as a band for the first time.

During a whirlwind two weeks at Middle Farm Studios, under the guidance of sonic wizard Pete Miles, engineer Soren Bryce, and drummer Mat Swales, FIZZ broke free from their personal musical boundaries to embrace creative freedom, maximalist music-making, and, most importantly, fun.

The result is "The Secret To Life," a technicolour, psychedelic, and utterly unpredictable debut album comprising 12 tracks that blur the line between reality and make-believe. The album features singles like 'High In Brighton,' 'Hell of a Ride,' 'Close One,' and 'As Good As It Gets.' Throughout their quest to uncover the secret to life, the band navigates the bombastic, the whimsical, and the heartfelt, concluding with a five-minute, five-part theatrical curtain closer.

Welcome to Fizzville, and FIZZ's adventurous journey to unearth the secret to life:

The band reflects on the album, saying, "This record encapsulates life in our twenties; it's chaotic, unpredictable, messy - but it can also be beautiful with the right people by your side. We're thrilled to share this body of work in its entirety and encourage you to turn up the volume. Making this record was a life-changing experience for us, and we hope the joy we felt making it resonates with everyone who listens."

In addition to the album release, FIZZ has also shared a series of live performance videos recorded at Middle Farm Studios, where their music came to life. You can watch the newly released video for the title track, 'The Secret To Life,' and the beautifully intimate 'Close One.'

Listen to "The Secret To Life" now and join FIZZ on their captivating musical journey.


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