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Figgis Returns With New Single 'Do I?

Leeds-based producer Figgis has wasted no time in 2022, and is back with his electrifying new single, ‘Do I?’, following from the success of the Early Doors single and Movements EP.

The track kicks off with a comical but tasteful Austin Powers sample that remains throughout, and it’s only a few seconds before rattling percussion and wobbling bass synths enter the mix.The breakbeat drums increase in intensity to create a powerful sense of urgency, which is contrasted seamlessly by a film score-esque string section that supports the track, and ensures it doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming one dimensional.

Spliced in between the thrashes of relentless drums is another genius vocal sample, this time taken from ‘Put It On’ by New York rapper, Big L. This cocktail of jungle rhythms, unforgiving bass, and clever vocal work is more than enough to propel Figgis to new heights this coming year.


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