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Renowned DJ, producer, label boss, and festival founder Saoirse has unleashed her highly anticipated fabric presents compilation today. Available in both CD and double vinyl formats starting from September 8th, the compilation features eight full-length tracks, including three exclusives handpicked by Saoirse herself.

One of the standout tracks on the compilation is the exclusive focus track "Pilot" by Junes, the founder of Galdoors imprint. With its captivating blend of spaced-out synths, pulsating bassline, and deep groove, "Pilot" seamlessly captures the diverse energies found in the club scene, resulting in an expansive and euphoric sonic journey.

Alongside "Pilot," the mix also features the infectious track "Fluffy" by Shanti Celeste, a high-energy offering filled with thumping basslines and uplifting bounces. Additionally, Saoirse contributes her own track, 'RM 1,' paying homage to the countless hours she has spent behind and in front of the decks at the iconic fabric room in London.

Saoirse's fabric presents compilation is a transformative collection that amplifies the essence of her renowned DJ sets. It transcends time, space, and genre, seamlessly blending deep house, moody techno, trippy grooves, and pumping bass. The mix includes unearthed gems as well as exclusive tracks from long-time collaborator Shanti Celeste and Junes. The LP also features the exclusive track "Chemical Voodoo" by Robert Livesu & Joe Montana. Saoirse curates a cohesive and cosmic 70-minute journey that immerses listeners in her musical community, taking them on a trance-like exploration of the electronic realm.

The fabric presents mix represents a full-circle moment for Saoirse, as it was an epiphany she experienced on the fabric dancefloor that motivated her to move from Dublin to London and pursue her dreams. Reflecting on the opportunity, Saoirse expresses her gratitude, stating, "It's hard to articulate what doing a fabric presents means to me, a club and mix series I feel truly indebted to. To find myself sitting among my biggest heroes – words can't explain how good it feels, but it feels f*cking good."

Saoirse has solidified her status as a respected figure in the dance music scene by seamlessly navigating various sonic worlds, subcultures, and scenes. Her journey began in Dublin, where she honed her passion for electronic music, influenced by acts like Leftfield, Fluke, and Orbital. With a DIY spirit and an insatiable appetite for vinyl, Saoirse made her mark on the industry through her pirate radio days, Ibiza seasons, Barcelona residency, trUst party and label, and the successful queer festival Body Movements. Her achievements include a Radio 1 Essential Mix, a celebrated Resident Advisor mix, her debut solo EP 'trUst 001,' and gracing the cover of DJ Mag. fabric presents serves as a pivotal and deeply personal accomplishment, showcasing Saoirse's unwavering curiosity, confidence, and creative growth.

As Saoirse continues to thrive, she eagerly embraces new milestones, with upcoming plans including summer festivals, international tour dates, and an expanded edition of her highly acclaimed Body Movements queer festival.

Step into the unknown with Saoirse as she pushes her creative boundaries, making fabric presents an invitation to experience the extraordinary from a true luminary of electronic music.


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