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Emily Burns Returns with Enchanting New Single 'Balcony Floor'

British singer-songwriter Emily Burns is back with her latest mesmerizing single, 'Balcony Floor,' released via So Recordings. accompanied with a richly candid video.'Balcony Floor' delicately weaves together a see-sawing piano chord progression with Emily's enchanting vocals. The song is an ode to finding adoration in the simple joys of a blossoming relationship.

Directed by London-based filmmaker Camille Alyssa, the video beautifully captures the essence of the track. It's an evocative portrayal of intimacy, featuring Emily and her real-life girlfriend Grace sharing their everyday moments at home, gorgeously shot on film.

Discussing the track, Emily reveals, "It's about being so utterly and totally in love that the most special moments are the small ones. The screaming song lyrics in the car together, the pillow talk at night, the silent, knowing looks across the room when you're both ready to leave the party, and of course, those moments of total peace on the balcony floor."

Emily Burns is a British singer/songwriter with a knack for seamlessly blending different genres to create a distinctive sound. Her music appeals to a wide range of audiences, blending classic pop songwriting with eclectic musical influences. Her songwriting is often praised for its poetic and evocative qualities, with her songs ranging from energetic and upbeat to soulful and bittersweet.

Emily has already captured the attention of audiences worldwide, and her passionate, thoughtful, and heartfelt songwriting is sure to win over many more hearts. With her powerful voice and exceptional songwriting skills, Emily Burns is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

You can stream the track HERE


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