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Elif Dame Embraces Vulnerability in New EP 'Securely Detached'

Amsterdam's own Elif Dame, whose creativity was nurtured from a young age by her jazz pianist father and retail-clerk mother, is making waves in the music scene. Her musical journey, inspired by legends like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, evolved through various genres and influences. Now, she's ready to unveil her deeply personal and eclectic form of alternative R&B in her upcoming EP, 'Securely Detached.'

Dame's path hasn't been without challenges. After a string of successful singles in 2020-2021, she realized that her battle against depression and the pressure to constantly churn out new work had dimmed the joy she once found in releasing music. Determined to prioritize her mental health, she took a well-deserved self-care hiatus, documenting her journey along the way.

The result of her introspective journey is 'Securely Detached,' a powerful EP that delves into Dame's struggles with depression, anxiety, and attachment issues. Through her music, she explores themes of trauma, family dynamics, and addiction, all while redefining her co-dependent relationships and learning to put herself first.

Leading the EP's release was "Celexa (Buy Me Time)," where Dame bared her soul about hitting rock bottom and considering medication. Her latest single, "Killing It," continues her introspective journey, focusing on the benefits of medication while navigating the fear of another manic episode. The song envelops listeners in warm, honey-soaked vocals, vibey beats courtesy of fellow Amsterdam artist GANZ, and hypnotic melodies that create an immersive experience.

Elif Dame's debut single amassed nearly half a million streams, paving the way for her to connect with audiences worldwide through her beautifully honest and vulnerable music. With 'Securely Detached,' she is poised to reach new heights, embracing vulnerability and inspiring listeners with her authentic artistry. Get ready to be captivated by Elif Dame's soul-stirring journey.


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