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Deadbeat Girl and Ari Abdul Collab ‘Make Me Cry’ Takes Alt-Pop to New Height

Today, the music world is buzzing as the dynamic duo, Deadbeat Girl (Val Olson) and Ari Abdul, drop their electrifying collaborative single, 'Make Me Cry.' Seamlessly blending Deadbeat Girl's enticing alt/indie sound with Ari Abdul's dark, sultry alt-pop vibe, the track is a spellbinding creation that has music lovers hitting the replay button endlessly.

Following Deadbeat Girl's recent hit 'When You Went,' where they skillfully infused drum and bass into their alt-indie style, 'Make Me Cry' adds yet another triumph to the emerging artist's arsenal. The track delves into the pain of broken trust, resonating with fans and earning praise from top press outlets, including Atwood Magazine, Metal mag, and Ones To Watch.

Meanwhile, Ari Abdul, the captivating alt-pop sensation from Brooklyn, has been making waves with her unique musical upbringing, influenced by Latin music, classic rock, and hip-hop. Her massive hit 'BABYDOLL' garnered over 250 million streams, solidifying her as a rising star in the industry. Together, Deadbeat Girl and Ari Abdul form an unstoppable force, bringing their distinct styles and talents into a harmonious synergy that captivates listeners worldwide.

For Deadbeat Girl, the journey to success started with their debut EP 'What Will It Take?' earlier this year, a coming-of-age reflection on self-acceptance, heartache, and identity. With support from Clash, Wonderland, Them, and Ones To Watch, Deadbeat Girl's rise has been swift and steady.

Having launched only last year with the debut single 'Another Day,' which garnered over 350 thousand streams, Deadbeat Girl's melancholic punk-inspired sound struck a chord with Under The Radar, Ladygunn, and many others.

Despite being in the early stages of their career, Deadbeat Girl's authentic and unapologetic approach has earned them a devoted fan base that continues to grow and connect with their music. Live performances are an integral part of their identity as an artist, and fans can expect more magic as they join forces with Ari Abdul on her global tour later this year.

At the core of Deadbeat Girl's musical journey is a deep love for music, nurtured by influences like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, and Death Cab For Cutie, as well as modern-day artists like Girl In Red, Day Wave, Arlo Parks, and Billie Eilish. In addition to being a gifted songwriter, Deadbeat Girl has a passion for music production, drawing inspiration from the works of Finneas, Tyler The Creator, and Day Wave.

With 'Make Me Cry,' Deadbeat Girl and Ari Abdul prove that they are not just musicians but true lovers of music, pushing the boundaries of alt-pop and leaving a lasting mark on the music industry.

Written by: Josh Crowe


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