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In July 2021, Dutch multi-disciplinary artist, Coloray, released his critically acclaimed debut album Future Static. Across 12 tracks the world was introduced to an eclectic sound that traversed trance, techno, and synth-pop, whilst keeping the core of classic song writing at its epicentre. For the artist, the album was so much more than a collection of dance tracks, it translated a vision of a not-so-distant future centred around “the concept of man and computer creating a new reality where logic and emotion seem to be at odds with one another."

Now the project is set to enter an alternative reality, with the launch of a remix package. Releasing on Dutch label Atomnation, Coloray draws on regulars of his own Intercept imprint, with Baril, Sam Goku and Nadia Struiwigh each giving their own unique interpretation of singles, ‘Broken Mirrors’, ‘Line Break’, and ‘Centre of the C#. The package will be completed this summer with a vinyl release and a highly anticipated rework from long-term friend and collaborator, Eagles & Butterflies, who’s single together ‘Can’t Stop’ rocked dancefloors across the world and swiftly became Pete Tong’s ‘Essential New Tune’.

During each phase of Future Static’s creation, Coloray maintained his conceptual approach, with an overall aim of encompassing more than the attention of the listeners ears, but their eyes and mind too. It was an idea that predicted how we’ll consume music next, and with an artform that’s so all-consuming on our mind and body, why should we ingest it with just one sense? Thus, the concept of a virtual reality application was born that completes the futuristic ideology of the album. Launching at the end of April, the Virtual Space acts as a portal to a new world with a volumetric capture 3D recorded performance of Coloray integrated. Listeners can get a preview on April 22nd, when the music video for ‘Face Of Value’ lands. It’s a project with huge potential, signalled by its early nomination for a VR Award in the category VR Experience of the Year.

Coloray’s solo journey began in 2019, although, for lovers of dance music, you’ve likely come across the artist even prior to then, as one half of Tunnelvisions, a beloved dance-project that toured around Europe from 2017. Since then, Coloray has gone from strength to strength, releasing a string of addictive releases on respected labels Atomnation, Permanent Vacation and Innervisions. Now set to embark on a live tour across his home country, ending with a performance at the world-renowned DGTL Amsterdam festival, the launch of the Virtual Space comes at a monumental point in the artist’s career. Personally in charge of the creation, design, music production, singing, song writing, and performance of this ground-breaking project, Coloray's mission is clear: become the genre-bending, multidisciplinary artist of the future.

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