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By George Announce Debut Album

Plenty of album announcements coming your way this week, here is one we're super excited about! It's courtesy of By George, whom Josh has intro'd us to many a time when in the studio. They've got an album on the way that we're super excited to say we've had a listen too, quality stuff. Here is some essential info if you didn't already know:

Continuing on from an onslaught of standout releases, North Carolina outfit By George are finally here with their debut album ‘The Life Of Guy’ set for release on October 15th. The four-piece alt-rockers have amassed a global audience, building on a discography of limitless promise. At this increasingly interior period of our lives, the band took stock, cutting their teeth to make a standout debut album that is about longing, loneliness and what comes next. A string of superb releases throughout the past year that has seen the band gain critical acclaim in the lead-up to their debut album.

When talking about the album they said:

"When we sat down to write this album, we knew we wanted it to be a concept album. At the time, we had just finished our second year of college, and a big theme emerged: reflection. What we found is that our emotions and inner experiences can all be so similar, and so we created Guy as a representation of what we’ve all been through. Just as our lives are never-ending experiences, we attempted to create an album that is lyrically and musically seamless, where you’re in the driver’s seat to experience everything that comes your way."

The concept project that tells the story of a man balancing relatable struggles with purpose and ever elusive identity, it follows Guy from birth to death in a unique, inimitable and downright intriguing manner. Some really interesting stuff!

Check their socials here


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