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Bandcamp Picks:LUCAGOTBBM

South West London's rising artist, Lucagotbbm, is set to release his newest track, 'STAY UP,' on July 12th across all streaming platforms via One House. This single marks the beginning of a series of releases that will unfold throughout the summer.

With a fusion of dance, punk, and anti-pop woven into the fabric of his sound, the 21-year-old artist has crafted a unique musical style that draws comparisons to the likes of King Krule, thanks to his lo-fi avant-garde approach. Lucagotbbm made his debut last year with releases through Steel City Dance Discs, and now he returns with the highly anticipated 'STAY UP,' accompanied by a captivating live performance video.

'STAY UP' takes listeners on a sonic journey that oscillates between late-night brashness and early-morning melancholy, embodying the energy of both states. It melodramatically captures the feelings of imbalance between hedonism and the desire to achieve something. Reflecting on the track, Lucagotbbm shares, "It came from wanting to present the sounds of a late night out in all its glory; staying up and staying active as a kind of mantra." His aim is to create an immersive musical experience that energizes listeners and fosters a deep connection. We spoke to him about his favourite Bandcamp Picks:

Supposed to - Tek Lintowe

Real fun track. Tek lintowe's really pushing creative boundaries at the moment. Nice introspective pockets with goofy bars. It's a really fun listen

Butterfly Trail - Spaceman Dom

Such a beautiful song. haunting vocals. Not only a good friend of mine but a brilliant artist and collaborator. This song needs to be in a Michael Cera movie

Why Do You Feel Nothing - Draag me

Great track. Makes me feel like I'm 17 again. Got me feeling lovesick for a relationship I never had. Only just found the project 'I Am Gambling With My Life' despite it coming out three years ago. The whole project is really inspiring production wise.

Everyone - Babymorocco

Real 2010's throwback tune. Another boundary pushing artist. Proper feel good one. I'm doing 10 more pull ups per set because of this track.

I Been Young - George Clanton

My favourite song at the moment, and possibly my favourite artist at the moment. Such a beautiful and meaningful ballad. Hits me deep. It's the perfect song to put a pair of shades on and slow dance to.


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