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Artist Spotlight: Jacko Holland

We were delighted to recently stumble across the indie/blues artist Jacko Holland. The singer/songwriter is originally from Herefordshire, now residing in South Wales via Bristol. Talking about his formative years in music Jacko shares "I’d always played in bands around Herefordshire and Bristol before going out on my own after getting a set of songs together during the first lockdown consisting of songs I’d written and classic blues tunes ( Cocaine blues, Got my MoJo working, Shake Your money maker )."

Jacko recently played in Margate at the iconic Albion Rooms, owned by the legendary Libertines. His debut E.P “The Golden Age”(featured has a radio play on BBC Upload in Bristol at the end of last year, and was released on all major streaming sites. One thing you can he;p but notice when listening to Jacko's music is the Garage rock/indie/blues-inspired sound. His D-I-Y approach is also a massive highlight of his music which is written and recorded all by himself.

When it comes to influences, Jacko shares "my biggest influence when recording this first set of songs was the LO-FI sound and feel of old blues recordings, stuff often recorded in one take without overdubbing or the use of a metronome. These are just a couple of things I’d put into place to replicate that sound myself."

If you are going to listen to one track by Jacko, make sure it is Cocaine Blues, a classic blues track that we just can't stop playing in the studio.

All hail Jacko Holland!


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