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Anthony Hughes: London's Soulful Pop Sensation Championing Joy and Empowerment

Anthony Hughes, the London-based pop artist, embodies the vibrant spirit of contemporary music with his soulful pop and dance tracks. Known for his distinctive vocals and masterful lyricism, Anthony crafts anthems of empathy and empowerment, delivering memorable melodies and positive messages that resonate with joy and exuberance.

As a dynamic live performer, Anthony captivates audiences with his charisma, charm, and a touch of sass, celebrating diversity and positivity on stage. His commitment to the LGBTIQA+ community is evident in his work and personal ethos, making his performances a beacon of inclusivity and inspiration.

In 2023, Anthony's single "Shining" garnered widespread acclaim, featuring as the tip of the week on BBC Introducing and Gaydio, and earning a spotlight in Australia's DNA Magazine. With an exciting year ahead, Anthony is set to elevate his impressive discography with new collaborations and releases, including "Thought of You" with Habbo Foxx, which dropped on April 19th, and "Take You There" with FHALLA, set for release on June 7th.

1. Your new single "Take You There" is set to release soon. Can you share the inspiration behind this track and what listeners can expect from it?

Yes on Friday! The inspiration comes from the music industry and all of the setbacks I’ve had. I wanted to say I’m here, I want to take you on a journey and regardless of the no’s (which is a lot) I’ll keep going. Listeners are in for a catchy chorus, big drop and a strong bassline to get dancing to!

2. "Shining" garnered significant acclaim in 2023. How did the success of that single influence your approach to creating new music, including your upcoming releases?

Well, it was amazing as I made connections with bbc introducing and gaydio which were my first radio plays so it was amazing to get on their radar. As an independent artist, it’s so much harder to be heard by stations so this was very significant for me. I also love to perform this track live, it’s such a feel good anthem!

3. Your music and performances reflect a deep commitment to the LGBTIQA+ community. How does your personal ethos influence your songwriting and the messages you aim to convey through your music?

My community is very important yes. We’ve had to endure so many setbacks due to our identity and I want to constantly represent people who think it’s unachievable to follow their dreams. I’ve been told no so many times and even been told by a label that it’s ’too gay’ and to them, I say watch me and listen to me, I am an artist and a singer and I will always use my voice to inspire others. Otherwise what’s the point?

4. As a dynamic live performer known for your charisma and charm, what do you enjoy most about performing live, and how do you connect with your audience during your shows?

Ah well that’s very kind. I get asked this a lot and honestly, being on stage is where I don’t have my worries, my anxieties or my uncertainty and I feel like it’s the one place I feel most comfortable. Maybe it’s because I crave attention, I don’t know but I love to have people singing back to me, I love to dance with the audience and it’s so amazing to see people dancing and vibing to your music. Nothing really beats that feeling.

5. You've collaborated with artists like Habbo Foxx and FHALLA on your new singles. How do these collaborations enhance your music, and what do you enjoy most about working with other artists?

Collaboration, especially with dance music is so important. Yes I write all of my Melodie’s and lyrics and I always have a main idea as to what I want to create but then some sick producer can come into a room and bring my ideas to life adding a whole new level of sexiness! It’s been amazing to collab with these producers and it’s also so lovely to all go on this journey together!


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