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Abi Clements: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Adele -Rumour Has It

Adele has been my go-to ever since I can remember. I have always been so obsessed with her voice and the raw authenticity of the stories she tells within her lyrics.

Olivia Dean- Be My Own Boyfriend

One of my current absolute favourite artists, listen to her tracks literally every day!  The lyrics, the voice, and importantly, all the groovy baselines within all her tracks, I really wanted to bring that into my own work.

Grace Potter - Love Is Love

Me and my producer tried to create the modern-soul aesthetic, taking influence from Grace Potter and Amy Winehouse. The production blends drum loops and live instrumentation as our way of tying the old and new together.

Check out Abi's Instagram HERE, where she'll be posting updates of upcoming shows.

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