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217 Collaborates with Grammy-Winning Producer for Debut Single

An electrifying indie rock band with a global perspective has teamed up with the acclaimed two-time Grammy award-winning producer, Adrian Bushby, to record their debut singles in London.

Hailing from different corners of the world - Italy, South Africa, and Argentina - the band members, lead vocalist Elis Aprea, singer-songwriter and lead guitarist Julian Rosso, and bassist/vocalist Lucrecia Palladino, have fused their diverse backgrounds and musical experiences to create a signature sound that's a blend of global lyrics and captivating melodies.

Julian, the band's guitarist and co-vocalist, expressed his excitement about working with Adrian: "We reached out to him, not expecting a reply, but he was incredibly generous and humble. He loved our songs 'Orange Sky' and 'On Fire,' and that's how our collaboration began."

For Elis, the lead singer, having Adrian Bushby as their producer is a dream come true: "We're swinging for the fences with one of the best producers of all time." Lucre, the bassist and backing singer, shared her excitement: "Working with someone of his skill and legendary status has been a whirlwind experience."

Elis Perrotta Aprea, born in Naples, Italy, grew up immersed in a diverse musical scene. Her journey from studying drama and musical theatre to fronting an indie rock band in Rome has led her to her current role as lead singer of 217. Julian Rosso, a South African-Italian musician, envisioned 217 as the culmination of his dream to create an indie rock band that fuses global music genres, influenced by African jazz, soul, blues rock, and Afro-pop.

Lucrecia Palladino, originally from Cordoba, Argentina, honed her music skills in New Zealand and the UK, embracing the influences of her homeland, as well as American and British Indie Rock, Indie Folk, and Brit Pop. Since forming in 2021, the band has played over 100 shows in London and Italy, captivating audiences with their explosive energy and unique sound. To celebrate their journey, they've made their music demos available to fans on their website,, and are gearing up to release two music videos to complement their latest Bushby-produced singles.

With their global fusion and Grammy-winning producer, 217 is set to take the indie rock scene by storm and cement their place as genre-bending artists of the future. Get ready for a musical journey like no other!


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