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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: Dubrunner

On March 20, as the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to be understood, Bandcamp made the bold choice of waiving their share of revenue for artists and labels who were cancelling shows and delaying album releases left and right. The result was more music bought by more fans than any day on the site, a record broken on the first Friday of May. It is more important than ever to support music of upcoming artists on Bandcamp. We got in touch with Dubrunner, aka Charlie Tilley, who is creating a burgeoning reputation as a mainstay in the Leeds music scene. Responsible for the iconic Stretchy Dance Supply night, where the likes of Sherelle and Adison Groove have headlined, blessing the dancefloor faithful. Here are his top picks.

Holy Tongue Self Titled Album

Holy Tongue is a product of an improvised session taking influence from early 80s dub experimentalists African Head Charge and Muslimgauze. This release marks the first in Trule’s sublabel ‘Amidah Records’. Deep Subs and Hypnotic Percussion.

Ile Flottante & Pertrelli Purple - Gone Trying

Bristol-based Ile Flottante at the controls with Pertrelli Purple bringing the heat. Written in 2018 during one of his infamous hiatuses, Pertrelli draws from personal experiences telling tales of his secretive adventures through a diary entry format.UK Hiphop for long lost summer nights.

Habibi Funk 012: Subhana by Ahmed Ben Ali

Libyan Reggae from Ahmed Ben Ali - Originally released in 2003 and gained a cult status from the Youtube Algorithm.

Re-released in February this year on Habibi Funk - Songs for a Revolution with a killer rhythm section.

“The Libyan folkloric rhythm is very similar to the reggae rhythm. So if Libyan people listen to reggae it’s easy for them to relate because it sounds familiar. This is the main reason why reggae became so popular here. [...]We played the reggae Libyan style, it’s not the same as in Jamaica. We added our oriental notes to it and if you mix both it becomes something great.” With a bit of laughter he added: “And to me it’s still original reggae, it’s Libyan style, not some bullshit.” - Ahmed Ben Ali

Keleh (River Yarra's Situationist Rework) by Ausecuma Beats

I first heard River Yarra deep into an afters last year and became completely hooked on the production style. This release starts with his remix of West Africa-via-Cuba ensemble Ausecuma Beats and then progresses into his trademark dark humorous output. Filled with organic sounds and playful spirit - Gnome Broth is the perfect soundtrack to traverse the astral plane and find a new colour. He’s also made an EP entirely about frogs, which you can listen to HERE.

Reel Long Overdub AKA Brudenell Groove

Sleezy chuggers, wiggy wafters and slinky steppers from RLO favourites new and old. This compilation is a lovely way to showcase some local energy from a long running party crew. I’ve got a spooky experiemental track on here which features sounds I’d recorded myself of a cold winter night in Leeds.

All proceeds from this compilation will go towards Brudenell Groove's charity partner Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network.


Unrelenting energy from Jersey Queen UNIIQU3 with a killer music video to match. LET ME TAKE IT LOW! So many incredible artists coming outta the US Dance scene at the moment - If you like this check out AceMo, Kush Jones, Jukebouncewerk, Half Moon BK and Swisha!

199 PRESENTS: IN ARMS by 199

199 presents their latest compilation - proper turbo vibes here!Featuring rising stars Bakey and Front Bench aswell as a whole host of upcoming artists from the local Leeds scene and beyond- LS6 Represent!

Listening to this gives me hope that Hyde Park is still bouncing even if we’re all locked away.

Fundraising for their friend Tom Lazarides who suffered a tragic spinal cord injury earlier this year. For more information on the cause, please visit their page on Instagram @toms_fight

The Startup by Breaka

Manchester’s Off Beat crew launch their label with Breaka’s new EP The Start Up. Two Stretchy club heaters littered with heavy bass and Breaka’s signature vocal chops. I feel like these two tracks would make a strong soundtrack for a bank heist.

Banoffee Pies Digi 08

Great release from Banoffee Pies as usual, The release divided in two with a Dark A side and Light B side offering two flavours of Junglism. I will have to single out one track in particular though; Sourpuss - Common Ground.

Had the pleasure of hearing this take shape through my bedroom floor over the last few months. An ethereal modern Jungle track with a deep nostalgic undertone. This one nods back to atmospheric pioneers PFM, Source Direct and all things Good Looking. When that vocal drops, you better be strapped in.

Dubrunner- Scorpio Season EP

This is my most recent release on Scuffed Recordings - three new tracks firmly rooted in soundsystem influences.

The EP shows a spectrum of flavours with tracks ranging from the 140bpm stepper ‘Destination Unknown’, the weighty breaks of the title track, to the wonky electronics and dubby chords of ‘Syntax Error’. I made this during lockdown and I’m really proud of it so give it a listen!

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