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SoundCloud Introduce AI Mastering Feature

SoundCloud has added a new feature onto their platform which allows users to opt for mastering functions during their upload process. The paid- for feature gives the user a choice between four different style of mastering that generate different tonal results.

The four mastering modes are as follows:

Thunder: To make 'Car speakers rumble and club systems shake alike".

Sunroof: To "open your mid and high frequencies and bring some life to your transients".

Clear Sky: To "brighten your mix, manage your dynamics and reign in your low-end."

Aurora: "For something ethereal, light and wavy."

As well as being able to select from these four modes, the new function gives you to the option to use a slider that controls mastering intensity from zero to 100%. The software, powered by Dolby, will then inform you of what has been done to the track, and will allow you to hear a 30 second preview before you commit to a final master. This feature will cost $4.99 per track, but you will get three free tracks per month as part of SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription.

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