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Nour Cash and Carry launch fundraiser to prevent eviction from DJ landlord

Nour Cash and Carry are fighting an eviction notice from millionaire Brixton landlord DJ Taylor McWilliams. Brixton’s Nour Cash and Carry has launched a fundraiser where people can help fight an eviction notice from the landlord who is buying vast chunks of Brixton. The owners of the shop have been based in Brixton Market for 20 years and specialise in food from the Caribbean and Africa. They've recently been told they needed to vacate the property in order to make way for an electricity substation. Members of the local community, musicians and prominent figures in the food world, such as The Guardian‘s Jay Rayner have spoken out against the plan, highlighting Nour as a vital part of the market.

McWilliams purchased Brixton Market in 2018 through his development company Hondo Enterprises. As a report in The Quietus last month highlighted, "McWilliams uses his income as a property developer to supplement his DJ collective Housekeeping, which also counts Tape London founder Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe as a member. In April, activists interrupted a Housekeeping live-stream to protest McWilliams’ decision, holding signs that said: “you party while your tenants suffer”.

The campaign recently shared a new video featuring customers speaking about why Nour is important to them. The video ends with a note reading “Taylor McWilliams insists he will evict Nour on July 22. As his record label released a new track called Bruvva, “a nod to South London’s Jamaican, Rastafarian and Reggae heritage.” The note is accompanied by a picture of Housekeeping with one member wearing fake dreadlocks.


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