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Illegal woodland rave in Leeds saw over 200 people break lockdown

Three people were arrested after about 200 revellers attended an illegal rave at a protected nature reserve.

The rave was held at Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve in Leeds on Monday night at the start of the week. West Yorkshire Police said people had waded across a section of river to gain access to the reserve, sparking concerns for their safety.A local community group said online" they also disturbed nesting birds and could have trodden on some of the young birds."

They want on further to add "we hope fines will have been enforced not just a warning. This is not just breaking lock down. This is breaking the WILDLIFE AND CONSERVATION ACT. We are left heart broken for the likely damage to birds nests and their young and to other species breeding at this time of year"

Support OfficerChris Bowen said "The force wanted to encourage people to play by the rules, but would use enforcement powers where necessary,We would urge people to consider their own safety and the safety of others, particularly during the warmer weather and the ongoing period of lockdown".

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