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Glaswegian post-punk outfit Supercloud unveil new track ‘Control’

Supercloud are an exciting three-piece post-punk band hailing from Glasgow – and they’re bursting onto the scene with their debut EP which is set for release this summer. For now, the trio have three impressive singles under their belt, with their latest track ‘Control’ out on May 23.

‘Control’ is defined by a fetching guitar riff, which opens the track and underlies throughout. Paired with aggressive drums and insurgent lyrics to reflect the current state of the world, ‘Control’ is quite a representative track of the band’s ethos — talking about their daily anxieties whilst bringing people together through their music and art.

“Control was written after I had a sociology lecture on the British media, where we were shown a clip of Rupert Murdoch bragging about having unlimited access to 10 Downing Street,” said Loup, guitarist and vocalist for Supercloud, “which, to be quite honest, really pissed me off.”

The song was born out of that feeling, but ended up encapsulating a broader scope of frustration and dialogue about “wealthy individuals controlling what information gets to us, and the ways in which we consent to that”.An intense yet melodic experimentation at the intersection between a variety of post-punk influences and more melodic matter, Supercloud are perfecting their own sound with each new track they put out. ‘Control’ is taken from the group’s upcoming EP 'Abandon All Reason', which is out later this year.

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