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Meet The Judges for 'We Will Dance Again' NHS Fundraiser

During the lockdown, BabyStep has geared its content towards lifting spirits and staying hopeful for the future. This led to us eventually coining the term 'We Will Dance Again', as a symbol of staying hopeful during these times. We wanted our contributors and readers to engage with the term, so we've therefore decided to announce a T-Shirt competition that asks you to incorporate the words 'We Will Dance Again' into a T-Shirt design. We've been so overwhelmed by the amount of contributions, so to decide our winners we thought we'd involve some of the cities most celebrated Artists to help judge the competition.

The winning design will be printed as our next T-Shirt, with all proceeds being donated to the NHS. We encourage people of all abilities to get involved and share their artwork on social media, with a link to the Go Fund Me HERE. Together we can spread a really positive message, that despite everything going on WE WILL DANCE AGAIN, whilst raising money for our truly amazing NHS. To get involved you should upload your submission on Facebook or Instagram and tag us, or email it over to:"

Talk More

Talk More is a renowned Leeds graffiti writer and artist whose work - the instantly recognizable tag with its simple mantra - is hard to miss in the city. Part of the work’s charm is its anonymity. Its persistent placement throughout Leeds decorates the landscape with the message; “connect more with each other”. Currently, this feels more relevant than ever. Of late Talk More’s tag, that locals hold so dear, has begun to break out of Yorkshire. It is appearing on walls all over the UK and throughout Europe, including London, Amsterdam and Croatia. You can check out Talk More's work HERE.

Kwame Dapaa

Kwame Dapaa is a Leeds based photographer and stylist, who specialises in fashion photography. Having photographed at London Fashion Week ’19, the Queen & Slim Uk Film Release with Vague Digital and Red Bull’s House of Flava Ball, Dapaa has proven himself as a great photographer. baOriginally from Ghana but I migrated he migrated the UK at the age of 15. His work tends to focus on capturing black and ethnic minorities within my work and also focusing on the aspects of what makes a fashion image which we never see in the final images within mainstream media. You can check out his work HERE.

Joshua Pell

Joshua Pell is an illustrator and printmaker whose work has been exhibited in spaces around the UK, including The Hospital Club and Stour Space in London and the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridgeshire. He has worked with Independent Life Magazine, Fred Aldous and BBC Radio 1’s Academy, just to name a few, and now co-runs Freehold Projects - “an accessible platform and former gallery space in Leeds for artists of all experience and disciplines”. Pell also designed the first ever BabyStep T-Shirt; a striking blue print which we have been proud to make the face of the magazine. His work “finds a strong connection between culture and music to create concurrent imagery which comments on the day-to-day”. You can check out his work HERE.

Megan Dobbyn

Megan Dobbyn is an “illustrator makin’ shapes in Leeds” and a recent graduate from Leeds Arts University. Her work is “inspired by colours and textures from the natural world” and she has worked with the likes of Leeds College of Music, Nice People Magazine and Sainsbury's. You can check out her work HERE.

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