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Ecovents Leeds: Saving the Planet One Rave at a Time

In light of a growing widespread awareness around ecological issues, being conscious of the environment is a mindset that is gradually but persistently seeping its way into an array of different industries. One such industry now beginning to receive this injection of climate-conscious sense of responsibility is the events industry- and Leeds should be proud to know that the city is now home to its first green events planner.

Ecovents is a newly established Leeds- based events planner that, whilst aiming to provide quality nightlife, has a committed emphasis upon tackling ecological issues.

Created by manager of Bassface Events UK Tom Birchy, Ecovents pledges to donate 25% of profits to local projects and to reduce single use plastics;

"What I'm looking to do here is help everyone get more involved with environmentalism. I've been running events since I was 16, it's part of my life so much so that I thought, hey, let's make it greener. To do that, I'll be actively donating 25% of all profits made by Ecovents to eco-projects in my local area. I'm at the Uni of Leeds, I feel a part of the community here though. Leeds, and Yorkshire too, are community driven. By donating this proportion by taking votes by event-goers on a shortlist of local eco-projects, I can get everyday people involved in environmentalism. I love putting on events, from club nights to live music, it's my passion. So to be able to pursue my passion whilst doing something to actively fight against the critical issues we face in terms of immense environmental dangers that are looming over us."

Spearheading what we should all hope becomes a very much ‘done thing’ within the industry, Ecovents are kicking off their mission with 'The Green House of Techno'; an eco- conscious house and tech party at HiFi Club on 3rd October:

"Our launch party at Hifi is going to be one of a kind. From the outset, we want this to be a night that people remember. A varied mix of artists, reaching across genres, will give the event something truly electric. With guest appearances from Shook and Lunar Underground residents, plus a Leeds debut set by Koh Phangan, Thailand's Full Moon Party resident Tom Birchy, a vibe unlike no other will be reached. The donation from Ecovents for this show is most likely going to be directed towards renewable education projects in extracurricular environments for primary school children, or for moorland conservation."

Ecovents will also be making an appearance at Mint Warehouse's Freshers Warehouse Rave, where one of the rooms will be dedicated to the cause, with no use of plastic cups. Paired with Bassface Events UK, the event will be contributing to YWT in order to protect moorland. As Ecovents have pointed out, there is more carbon locked up in UK peat soils than in all the trees of Britain and France, and represents 42% of our entire carbon stock.

It is refreshing to see a project of this nature take shape in Leeds, and we certainly look forward to seeing this eco-conscious attitude replicated across the country in the future. However for now, Ecovents has a very clear mission: to make nightlife greener.

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