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Getting to Know: Acrid Promotions

Acrid Promotions are a Manchester-based Noise/Psych/Garage Punk promoter running gigs in a variety of venues for local and international bands. Just a month before their first night with STRUCTURES we talked to the head of Acrid Promotions Charlie Fossick. Our conversation delves into the birth, identity and future of Manchester's newest gig promoter.

We dived straight into things with Charlie by asking him about how Acrid came about: "Whilst I was living in Leeds I was really into going to local DIY gigs that were happening at places such as Mabgate Bleach and CHUNK. There were a lot of bands being put on that I thought were really great and now that I’ve moved to Manchester I thought it’d be a cool idea to put on those great bands that I saw in Leeds as well as other great touring underground artists in Manchester and give them the exposure and gigs they deserve here."

ACRID have shown a clear sign of intent to make a mark in the Manchester music scene with a number of impressive line-ups. In addition to the STRUCTURES show in October they have also booked international acts such as The Psychotic Monks who hail from Paris. When asked about the process of how he books bands Charlie states "I’ve been working together with Andy from FUTILE Bookings to put on some of the bands on his roster, of which were part of the collective group of bands I saw in Leeds mentioned previously, in Manchester which has been a massive help with jumpstarting ACRID and getting the ball rolling with gigs".

The future of ACRID is certainly a bright one, they are already going above and beyond as promoters to bring an eclectic range of sounds and artists to Manchester. Whilst Charlie's vision for ACRID is very ambitious, he professes to us that the key to success is very simple "my goal is just to put on high quality bands which I really like and make sure those gigs go really well in getting a good turn out for them and making the gig worth those bands while whilst they stop over in Manchester on their tours."

There is no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more from ACRID Promotions as they gear up for a massive year ahead. We can only pray that they'll bring their unique line-ups to Leeds in the near future.

Find the details of their first night in the link HERE.

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