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Album Review: 'For Now' by The DMA's

The new release from the DMA’s will not leave fans disappointed who enjoyed debut album ‘Hills End’. Lead singles ‘Dawning’ and ‘In The Air’ are as good as anything on ‘Hills End’, with the former arguably the bands finest single to date.

The DMA’s seem to have found a good balance between consistency and change in their second record. ‘Warsaw’, one of many great moments on the album is a perfect upbeat song for the summer sun, reminiscent of their previous work on ‘Hills End’. The End’ showcases a side to the band not seen on ‘Hills End’, and is far more experimental than some of the bands other work, and is a standout moment on the album.

There are clear nods to Manchester throughout the record, with opening track ‘For Now’ sounding like it could’ve been lifted straight off Stone Roses’ album ‘Second Coming’, and ‘Break Me’, one of the weaker songs on the album, sounding like an early Oasis demo. ‘Health’ and ‘Emily Whyte’ also become instantly forgettable, however, this should not detract from a largely very good record. The DMA’s have released a record that fans of ‘Hills End’ will warm to, whilst showcasing more sides to their sound that will be appreciated by a wider audience - and that is not an easy combination to achieve.

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