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Top 10: Tame Impala

Above: Kevin Parker Photo credit:Brooklyn Magazine

Tame Impala was created by Australian multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker in 2007, when he set out to create a psychedelic rock act. Initially Tame Impala was only a home based recording project for Parker, who is responsible for all writing, recording and production of the music affiliated with Tame Impala. Yet after releasing a number of the tracks on MySpace, mass interest from record companies began to circulate around his project, which led to Parker being snapped up by Modular Records in the summer of 2008. He didn't sit on the success of being signed however, instead setting himself the task of transferring his recordings into a live show. He enlisted the help of the Australian based band Pond, who have played alongside him at all toured shows over the past ten years.

All three Albums released by Tame Impala have been critically acclaimed, boasting an array of experimental anthems. I sat down to try and pick my top-ten Tame Impala tracks. The minute I took on the task I accepted defeat, knowing the task ahead was an impossibility. This was firstly because there are just so many incredible songs to pick from, but also because of just how varied the songs are stylistically, making them so difficult to compare. The list I wrote started out as 21, you can imagine the struggle of shortening it down to ten. So here goes...

10)Mind Mischief

From the Lonerism Album of 2012, this percussion heavy tune throws you straight into 1960's psych-rock.


This track features on Tame Impala's debut album InnerSpeaker. The track is resonant of the Garage band The Pretty Things, boasting a catchy chorus.

8)Yes I'm Changing

This synth-heavy track is the first on this playlist from the Currents Album. It has great tempo and even better lyrics, in which Parker depicts a tale of self-realisation.

7) Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Famously covered by the Arctic Monkeys, this track subverts from psychedelia by employing complex drum patterns and killer vocals.

6)Apocalypse Dreams

This is an absolutely timeless track, with great production value. The uplifting anthem is one of the big players in the Lonerism Album.

5)Solitude is Bliss

The playful use of vocals is what make this song so unique, which features on the debut album Innerspeaker. An absolute classic!

4)Half Full Glass Of Wine

"Half Full Glass of Wine" has been a staple of Tame Impala sets since 2008, when they began touring. When played live Tame Impala double the length of the song, extending it to 12 minutes, making space for solos in the middle of the song.


Elephant shows Tame Impala showing off a more Blues-based sound. It was released as a single for the Lonerism Album, with the artwork being done by Australian Artist Leif Podhajsky.

2)Let it Happen

Released as the lead single for the Currents album, the song is all about accepting self-transition. The song was done in intervals, being written and recorded all over the world. This track that signified Parker's transition to psych-pop, a transition that has been embraced by critics and fans.

1)The Less I Know The Better

Inspired by Parker's love of disco, this is Tame Impala's funkiest number. The track is rather standalone, with Parker himself saying he wasn't entirely sure if it would feature in the Album. The track supposedly became an obsession for him, performing over 1,057 partial vocal takes for the track. The sinister groove and melodic hook are what make it so catchy.

I hope you can somewhat agree with my choices, click here to access this playlist on Spotify.

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