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Ry Harding exclusive Interview:

Hi Ry. Tell us abit about what type of art you specialise in? My practice is predominately painting, however there is a sculptural crossover in my work. Through trying to question the limitations of painting it becomes a sort of expanded field painting.

How did you end up studying art in Manchester, was it something you always wanted to do? It was always something I had a passion for, so when it came to it I just thought lets give it a go!

What type of things influence your work? mostly paintings. I also study Art history and some of my work directly addresses the history of abstraction in painting. This theme can be seen in the work I did for Oranj Son, it was appropriated from a surrealist painting by Magritte.

You were responsible for the artwork of Oranj Son’s new single ‘Still’, how did that come about? Through the band’s lead singer, Kieran. Me and him are good friends and he was vibing my work and asked me to get involved! Always nice to help mates out.

Who are your main artistic inspirations? So many. Although my work is influence by painting and art history, I am inspired by everything around us. Some things just catch your eye and resonate with you for different reasons.

What would you say to any young budding artists out there? If you’re serious, keep at it and work hard!

You’ve just finished art school, do you have any plans for the future? Hopefully to keep at it and work hard! I just want to keep making art overall, ideally with people seeing it!

Edited by: Josh Crowe

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