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RedFaces:'Our advice would just be to get your name out there and play as many gigs as you can.

1)Tell us abit about yourselves!

We are an Indie rock and roll band from Sheffield ,composed of 4 members Charlie Yapp(19 and plays Drums) Harry Lyon(17 guitar and vocals) Isaac White (19 plays Bass guitar and backing vocals and Ryan Laycock(20 and plays lead guitar). Three of us were friends at school and we knew Ryan from another band in Sheffield. Now we are on our second single Wise Up and starting the Festival season.

2)How did you guys come up with the band name RedFaces?

Before Ryan had joined we played some school gigs with friends. We hadn't really got a name at the time but after we came off everyone said we had bright red faces. We couldn't think of anything else so the name stuck.

3) You recently told fans on your page to remember to vote, do you think as a band it is your responsibility to push important issues like voting?

I wouldn't say that telling people to vote is a responsibility as such. Politics just happens to be something we are inspired by. It's frustrated Particularly because I (Harry) am 17 and I can't vote it does annoy when other people who can vote don't use it, regardless of their opinion.

4) How has the reaction been to your new tune WISE UP?

So far the single is going really well. It's doing well getting on some Spotify playlists, the video has had good feedback and it's been getting good reactions at the gigs and festivals we've been playing so far. We have picked up a few good reviews of it too so we thank anyone who's taken notice of it and written anything good or bad about it.

image above:Artwork for the RedFaces new single,Wise Up

5)If you could give advice to a new band starting up, what would it be?

Our advice would just be to get your name out there and play as many gigs as you can. Keep practising and keep writing and hopefully things go well from there. We aren't exactly experts so I won't pretend we know the best ways of trying to be a successful band.

6) Do you guys have any plans for the summer?

We've got lots of festivals lined up. We are really looking forward to Community, Kendall calling and Hardwick live Festival. We will keep writing and recording and looking forward to our next release whatever it may be. Isaac's going on holiday to Majorca too if I'm not mistaken.

Edited by:Josh Crowe

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