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Yaeji Launches Interactive Game Woofa Joofa Juice Club

Yaeji has released ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’, a bonus track from her recent 2020 mixtape, ‘WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던’.

‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’ originally featured on the CD formats of ‘WHAT WE DREW’, available exclusively in Korea and Japan.

Furthermore, the Korean artist has launched a new interactive web game titled Woofa Joofa Juice Club. In the video for the single Waking Up Down, Yaeji introduced a number of illustrated characters including Woofa. The game includes four playable characters, and users can dance to tracks from Yaeji’s mixtape at Club Yae or order drinks at Joofa’s juice shop. Head here to play the game.


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