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Tune Of The Day: Daisy Tune

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the first weekend back! A massive thank you to anyone who came down and showed some love at our first-ever festival. It was a day we'll never forget, hopefully, the first of many special days ahead! We're bringing back tune of the day, this one coming courtesy of Migixhl and Sutty. The R&B track has been getting shared around the team since we heard it, be sure to give it some love! Having done some work with Rhythm Lab a couple of months back I can assure you the team involved have smashed it, always going above and beyond to back up and coming artists. We love to see it!

Here is some key info about the release:

Last International Women’s Day, Reform Radio and Rhythm Lab Records, with support from Youth

Music and Arts Council England, set out to celebrate the pioneering sounds of women in electronic

music by announcing their International Women’s Day Fund. The result is giRLs, a project which aims

to facilitate release-ready collaborations between up and coming, northern female artists who have never

met before. Underdog, the head-knocking first single from the project was greeted with a heartwarming

reception. Many resonated with the message that queer women and women of colour are making some of

the most innovative dance/electronic music in the world - and it’s happening right outside our front door!

The next northern duo, Sutty and Migixhi, have come through with Daisy Chain, the second

collaboration in this project and a sultry and understated sequel to Underdog’s club banger premiere. It

transforms and deepens the sound of electronic R&B.

The track’s world is distinct. Migixhi’s soft, space travelling tones and lofi drum pads are topped off with

Sutty’s sweet, swirling melodies. The artists had never met before this project but Daisy Chain flaunts

the pair’s effortless chemistry as if it were inevitable. The song reflects on a relationship that is already

lost but that is being tragically held together by an idea of love that is as frail as a piece of string. Sutty

reflects on first hearing Migixhi’s beat, “That lovely descending melody you put in that sounds like a

music box, Migixhi, I knew I had to write to that. It made me think of when we were playing as kids we’d

make daisy chains for fun and they’d be so pretty, but also so flimsy. That sound really reminded me of


This piece was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.

Photo Credit: Emma Rose


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