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"Alt-folk duo Smoke Fairies drop their latest studio album, 'Carried In Sound,' following the success of the acclaimed singles "Vanishing Line" and "Seek It With Me." This marks their sixth full-length release, showcasing Smoke Fairies at their most confident and immersive. The album, consisting of eleven tracks, creates a captivating presence, brimming with bright and tantalizing tones.

The title-track, "Carried In Sound," leads the way, emphasizing the emotional depth woven into their newest collection. The duo reflects on the song, stating, "It's a reckoning with the past, exploring personal transformation and its consequences. Do we truly see ourselves as others see us? The passing of time prompts reflection or rebirth."

To celebrate the album's release, Smoke Fairies embark on an intimate five-date UK tour, including breathtaking venues like churches and ruins, along with live in-store appearances. The tour kicks off on Nov 21st in Portsmouth, with several dates already sold out.

The duo's journey has been a rollercoaster, from signing with Jack White's Third Man imprint to recording independently. 'Carried In Sound' was recorded in isolation, embracing themes of grief and loss in a raw and unique way. Using unconventional instruments like jumble sale keyboards and makeshift percussion, Smoke Fairies created a distinctive sound.

Blurring the lines between autobiography and storytelling, 'Carried In Sound' is enriched by personal experiences, and its aesthetic extends to an intimate UK tour, often set in church spaces. The album embodies timelessness, radiating a joyful sadness born out of friendship and creative independence. Smoke Fairies' self-reliance on this record is not just a musical statement; it's a testament to their empowerment and the belief that they are enough."


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