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Shaku: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

Self-professed Leeds frog-rock six-piece Shaku have harboured a jazz-rock infused sound that turns into high energy live performances. Having been around since 2017, they have developed a burgeoning following, with a steady number of gigs and live videos to demonstrate their assured and distinctive sound. We spoke to our favourite Frog Rock band about the tracks that shaped their truly unique sounnd:

Red Whine - Ezra Collective

When it comes to the dub aspects of 'Ulysse', the feel in this song was definitely the canvas which we created upon. It's got a lovely laid-back approach and simple chord movement, but detailed and well thought-out arrangements. Those are the main things we drew from, making sure that the groove is coming through clearly with a healthy seasoning of Frog Rock in the arranging.

My Way - Onipa

This was the energy for us. A bit more fast-paced and in-your-face with the production, along with some great vocal processing which we drew inspiration from at points as well. Has a similar feel to 'Red Whine' but speeds it up, and we felt a good blend of both aspects from these two tunes set the foundation for a lot of what you hear in 'Ulysse'.

Classico - Tenacious D

You can laugh all you want, but there are many of us musicians who are touched and inspired by Tenacious D in more ways than you'd believe. They quote Bach's 'Bouree in E Minor' in this absolute stonker, and Noiak took it upon himself to double-quote two of the biggest icons in music history amidst his solo in 'Ulysse'.

Den Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis - Meri Lida

Implementing cultures and influences within the music was important for us in this tune. With the songs lyrical content relating to leaving home behind and moving forward, a lot of the melodical content was birthed with the Greek Bouzouki in mind (due to Noiak's Greek background). Here you'll find a track that has a Latin approach to the rhythm, but with Greek melodies laced all over, performed by Greek legend 'Manolis Hiotis'.

Miserlou - Dick Dale

Pump it. A classic, with unmistakably remarkable guitar tones. The tone is thin but fierce, and with the chords moving similarly to how we approached 'Ulysse' the temptation to ride the wave during the solo section was high, so of course we threw it in for good measure.

Check out Shaku's Bandcamp Below:


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