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Ruby Duff: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Today marks a vibrant addition to the pop landscape as London's own Ruby Duff unveils her daring new single, ‘Undressed’. Describing the track as akin to a "religion or empowering movement," Ruby Duff embarks on a journey far beyond the musical norm, channeling the spirit of the audacious ‘Killing Eve’. Released under APOLLO Distribution, ‘Undressed’ emerges not just as a song, but as a bold statement in Ruby's growing discography, available across all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure.

‘Undressed’ is no ordinary pop track; Ruby Duff delves deep into the essence of liberation and self-empowerment, painting it as a metaphorical "shedding of a mask". With an eye for the dramatic, influenced heavily by the realms of cinema and theatre, Ruby has crafted a pop anthem that is as chaotic as it is captivating. It encapsulates a myriad of influences, merging them into a singular artistic vision that’s both thought-provoking and irresistibly catchy, beckoning listeners to embrace their true selves, uninhibited and unapologetic.

As Ruby continues to redefine the boundaries of alt-pop with each release, ‘Undressed’ stands out as a testament to her innovative spirit and eclectic style. Since her arrival on the music scene in 2019, Ruby has enchanted audiences with her unique blend of music, earning acclaim from giants like NPR, Notion, and Wonderland for her directness, celestial craftsmanship, and operatic uniqueness. With ‘Undressed’, Ruby Duff not only confirms her status as an alt-pop force to be reckoned with but also invites us into a world where music transcends conventional boundaries, promising a journey filled with raw emotion, striking originality, and, most importantly, boundless creativity."

Speaking about the tracks that shaped her sound she said "There are many songs I could choose from, but there is a huge difference between tracks that have inspired me as an artist as to what tracks have made me…me! I decided to be totally honest with this and go in chronological order of tracks that over the years have shaped my sound."

Judy Garland As Long As He Needs Me 

I began singing lessons at the age of four, and my teacher had me learn this as one of my first songs. It comes from the musical ‘Oliver’ and I feel that's how I acquired my interest to create such theatrical sounding tracks which I am recognised for alongside my distinctive vocal tone.

Elton John Tiny Dancer

My dad would always play this track on the piano at home, when I was a young kid. This alongside the scene from my favorite film ‘Almost Famous’ gives me that feeling of home. I would sing this with my dad at the piano amongst other Elton John songs, and I guess that’s why playing keys is such a crucial element to my songwriting and sound. 

Lana Del Rey Video Games

As I was getting older, and expanding my taste, I gravitated towards Lanas songwriting. To me it was like poetry and this was the first song that I noticed had become so popular without having a typical chorus hook. It’s one of the few songs out there I wish I had written myself and in fact still to this day makes me strive to be a better writer. Video Games reminds me to think outside the box with my lyrics and to not be afraid of choosing phrases that are less predictable. 

Mura Masa Suicide Blades

When I moved to university, my housemate at the time showed me Mura Masas music and when I listened to this track it was like I could see and hear the soundtrack to my life thus far providing both the sweet moments as well as darker tones. I love the way Mura Masa plays with sounds and colors and in particular his earlier works such as Suicide Blades doesn't follow a typical structure and I feel this is similarly echoed in my work. Fun fact I met him once at a concert and he signed my jacket “Ruby and Mura forever….” So maybe a collaboration should be on the table?

Bon Iver 33 “God”

This track I would say is the last that I can remember to influence and shape my sonic identity. Me and a close friend/producer of mine listened to this together and picked apart the pieces as there are so many layered delicate elements that make this song sound so huge. It encompasses everything I love, from the theatrics and organic instrumentation to the poetry and unique structure. I couldn’t pick a better track to encompass all the tracks that have and continue to shape my sound to this very day. 

You can listen to Ruby Duff's Spotify Here:


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