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PMIX Presents: Pick n Mix

PMIX have been releasing music for the last few years primarily on their Soundcloud, they’ve been supporting up-and-coming producers by premiering their tracks on their Soundcloud and their ever-growing community. if you’re after House/ Disco edits, minimal and anything in-between this is the album for you.

Meg Ward- Fantaloop Flip

The first track of 12, a bit of a cheeky garage/techno-influenced track with house influences flowing freely and thoroughly, the vocal cut during the intro of the song has been molded precisely to make the build-up of the first drop really kick in hard. “booty, booty jazzy funky” my all-time favourite lyric of this track, if you don’t get your booty jazzy and funky to this track, you’re not listening to this track properly. Meg Ward- Fantaloop Flip…. listen, dance, repeat...

Sam Goes To Tokyo-Man From Brazil ( ZUEROS MIX)

Man From Brazil was one of the tracks that really stood out to me as a front runner for this compilation, its funk style guitar mixed with some fresh drums that sound crisp and tight as a bag of the finest salad from M&S will keep you moving and groovin on the dance floor.

The intro is quite a nice welcome to the song, nice percussion with a filtered vocal in the background. The acid/synth line that comes in after the vocals create a Peggy Gou’esque build-up linking everything back into the song in a smooth and needed fashion, the vocals sit nicely on top of the mix and don’t jar your mind and become repetitive.

A strong track by a very talented producer.

Ros T- U R My Life

A track that has the same sort of energy as a track by Prince, the track screams funk/disco and all things good, from the 80s synth/keys and pumping drums reminds me of a simpler time of being out at a festival on a sweaty summer day with ya pals drinking Strongbow dark fruits. The slap bass is a stand out for me, the whole mix is precise and anyone will be able to tell a lot of heart and effort has been put into this track, it's not easy to attain that classical funk/disco sound, but it's definitely achieved by Ros T.

Tom Doyle- Praise U (Original Mix)

Kick bass right in your ears at the start of this one, a rotating spiral of drums keeps the track running nicely with a slick and smooth bass line that could get any feet moving on the dance floor. Toms done a cracking job with the sampling of this track, sampling vocals can sometimes be an absolute ball-ache that makes producers wonder, is it worth it? and it was in the case of Tom’s take on the original song by Mary Mary. Throughout the whole album, the vibe is very disco/funk/house and a splash of minimal which should keep everyone happy.

Cassine- Janet’s Rhythm

When I first started DJing i used to play a lot of tribal/percussion tracks, if this track had been brought out when I first started out I would have rinsed the absolute sh*t out of this track Let's talk about the percussion, the number of different types of percussion used in the track is class, a drum roll intro gives you a jolt of excitement, ready to get up out of your seat and shake what your mama gave you. The percussion has been given a lot of room to grow and evolve in this track, it's been layered and has been given plenty of attention, it screams El Dorado at peak time or Wire at half 3 in the morning, get me to an event Cassine is playing at soon as.

SMIB- Elevation

The track seems to be influenced by bands like New Order, Dead Or Alive and the Human League which i love, “Elevation” has a lot of character which comes from the revolving guitar which stays in your ears but doesn’t become jarring or repetitive due to the drums standing out and keeping the track moving along. This one is a bit different from the rest of the tracks on this album as the rest of the album is mainly disco/funk/house/minimal influenced songs, but that is not a bad thing at all, it's been added as a penultimate track and the obvious vibey/ketty track of the album, which every great comp album needs.

Big up to all the producers on this album, the album boasts a house, disco, minimal and anything in-between vibe which is what the owner (Podge Harding) was going for. Make sure to support PMIX and the artists by purchasing the vinyl on Simple Records Store, this is a great compilation album and I'm really looking forward to everyone hearing it and loving it as much as I do.


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