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Mighty One Unleashes Debut Single "Wake The Dead" in a Bittersweet Musical Revelation

Today marks a significant moment as indie duo Mighty One unveils their inaugural single, "Wake The Dead," a poignant musical journey into the realms of regret and emotion. Comprising the formidable songwriting duo Emma Kingston and Mark Stidson, Mighty One has been crafting a unique sonic identity since their inception in 2020. Their sound, a fusion of 90s-inspired guitars, electronic elements, ambient soundscapes, and emotive vocals, draws comparisons to acclaimed artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The National, and Phoebe Bridgers. The individual musical pedigrees of Emma and Mark include performances alongside luminaries such as Johnny Marr, Bright Eyes, and Alberta Cross. Notably, they recently shared the stage with Tom Meighan and The Chesterfields at the prestigious Cheese and Grain in Frome.

"Wake The Dead," their much-anticipated debut single, was co-produced by Mighty One and the Mercury Prize-winning producer Rob Ellis (known for his work with PJ Harvey, Placebo, Torres). The collaboration unfolded across their home studios and the iconic Bert Jansch Studio in Frome, with engineering prowess provided by Dom Monk (Big Thief, Laura Marling, Nick Cave). TJ Allen, renowned for his work with Portishead, Anna Calvi, and Bat For Lashes, took on the mixing duties, while the mastering was expertly handled by Guy Davie (Björk, Circa Waves, Foals).

In the band's own reflection on "Wake The Dead," they convey, "It centers itself around the notions of regret and all the emotions that come with it. Sharon Van Etten meets The National, it's a bittersweet yet uplifting anthem."

To experience the full spectrum of emotion encapsulated in "Wake The Dead," watch the music video released alongside the single. Mighty One's debut signifies a bold step into the musical landscape, promising a blend of introspection and uplifting resonance that is sure to captivate audiences.


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