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LOCK-IN Sets the Stage for a Thrilling 2024 with New Single and EP Release

As 2023 comes to a close, LOCK-IN, the dynamic group of childhood friends hailing from Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, is gearing up for an exciting year ahead. The band has recently announced their most significant London headline show to date, scheduled for April 27th at Lafayette. This announcement comes in conjunction with the release of their upcoming single, 'Red Stripe Remedy,' set to drop on December 8th, followed by their highly anticipated second EP, 'On To The Next,' which is slated for release on January 19th.

Described as the next milestone in LOCK-IN's journey toward becoming a noteworthy force in the music scene, 'Red Stripe Remedy' combines groove-laden rhythms, a captivating guitar riff, and melancholic synth textures, all wrapped around a soaring, anthemic hook. The lyrics, delivered with engaging and distinctive vocals by Benjy Leak, explore the experiences of a generation navigating the 9-5 grind, working not just for the weekend but for survival: "Lost in the 9-5, we only work to stay alive."

Benjy Leak shares insight into the song's meaning, stating, "At the end of the day, we’re all working our hardest - whether that be chasing a dream, trying to make ends meet, or fighting something more underlying… We’re all human, and we have to find love somewhere along the way. That’s life, as the lyric goes."

'Red Stripe Remedy' follows in the footsteps of their summer hit, 'Easy,' offering a glimpse into what to expect from the five-track 'On To The Next' EP. Representing a significant evolution from their debut 'Boys Kiss Boys,' the EP showcases the band's growth in both songwriting and musicianship. The unreleased tracks on the EP, particularly the feel-good title track, hint at LOCK-IN's potential to reach even broader audiences.

Benjy Leak expresses the band's relentless pursuit of their dreams, stating, "We’re working harder than ever ourselves to live our dream. With each step we take, we can smell it. The engine is warmed up now, after building some good foundations over the last couple of years. We’ve always lived by the saying ‘On To The Next’ as a reflection of moving on and having the fight to enter that next chapter, to keep believing."

All five songs on the EP were written by LOCK-IN and produced by Curtis Elvidge of Ritual Sounds during recording sessions at Premises Studio in Hackney. Known for their captivating live performances, LOCK-IN has garnered a cult following. Headlining the This Feeling stage at Truck and gracing festivals like Y Not?, The Great Escape, The Gathering Sounds, Rewired, and the Sunset Sessions, the band's London headline shows have seen a steady increase in attendance, from Water Rats to Omeara to The Garage, and now Lafayette. With a European tour under their belts, including their first-ever shows in Germany as special guests to Australia’s The Terrys, LOCK-IN is positioning themselves for a remarkable 2024.

As the band, still in their early twenties, continues to gain attention from various media outlets and build on their successes, LOCK-IN's 'On To The Next' EP promises to be a pivotal moment in their journey, solidifying their place as ones to watch in the indie-pop and alternative music scene. The year 2024 holds great promise for LOCK-IN as they continue to captivate audiences with their evolving sound and electrifying performances.


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