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Linn Koch-Emmery Releases Happy

Swedish indie rock luminary Linn Koch-Emmery is back with her latest single, "Happy," slated for release on March 7th via Boys Tears. The track, serving as the second offering from her forthcoming album 'Borderline Iconic,' set to drop in May, delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships, capturing the transient hope that lingers as they approach their end.

With a fusion of gritty electric guitar riffs, pulsating percussion, and an ethereal chorus that beckons audience participation, "Happy" perfectly encapsulates Linn's distinct sonic imprint and poignant lyrical storytelling. Credit for the seamless production goes to Pete Robertson of The Vaccines, whose expertise imbues each note with undeniable allure.

Reflecting on the song's genesis, Linn shares, "There's never as much hope as in the beginning and right before the end of a relationship."

Coinciding with the single release, fans can anticipate a mesmerizing headline performance by Linn Koch-Emmery at The Social in London on March 19th. Promising an unforgettable evening infused with her raw talent and magnetic stage presence, the event is sure to be a highlight for attendees. Furthermore, Linn's ascent in the music industry continues to garner recognition, with a feature in the esteemed Rolling Stone UK slated for March. With accolades pouring in from publications like ATWOOD Magazine and Wonderland Magazine, Linn solidifies her position as a rising star in the indie music realm.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, and raised in Norrköping, Sweden, Linn's musical journey began as a sanctuary during her formative years. Despite lacking a musical upbringing, her innate connection to music propelled her towards a career as a singer-songwriter.

From envisioning a future in a band during her childhood to establishing herself as a solo artist, Linn's evolution has been marked by critical acclaim and international recognition. Her debut album, 'Being the Girl,' released in 2021, garnered widespread acclaim and earned her a Swedish Grammy nomination, further solidifying her status as a gifted storyteller with a unique lyrical flair.

With an impressive touring resume, including performances alongside Liam Gallagher and Los Bitchos and appearances at renowned festivals such as Roskilde and Bestival, Linn Koch-Emmery continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her emotive sound and compelling narrative prowess. "Happy" is poised to further elevate her standing as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary indie rock.


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