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Leeds Events Company's Quick and Heroic Response to Headingley Attacks

This week has seen a huge circulation of information on social media regarding a series of horrific attacks in and around the alleyway linking Headingley to Burley Park. As reported yesterday, 74 cases of sexual assault and violence have been recorded in the area in the past 12 months alone. Following this, a Community Petition addressed to Leeds City Council has been started in a bid to combat these awful incidents, with the hope of implementing tighter safety procedures to prevent this from happening again.

In a quick and heroic response, Leeds-based events company Fresh2Death have taken matters into their own hands, by teaming up with True Security Solutions to patrol the alleyway most targeted by these attacks.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Fresh2Death have said "The member of security will be patrolling the alleyway and will happily walk you and your friends down there so you feel safe. In the 5 hour period, they will never not be either walking down the alley or at one of the ends. They will be wearing full orange high vis as in the photo. They will also alert police to any suspicious activity. True Security will also send one of their patrol cars down to check the area on occasions for extra security throughout each night. We will work towards increasing the security to two members per night to ensure complete safety down there. This is launching TONIGHT (27th Oct)."

Although initially funding the cost of this service themselves, Fresh2Death have called for your support to donate towards the security guards' wages, with any excess enabling an increase in the amount of security and their hours.

We would like to thank Fresh2Death for their amazing response to this very pressing issue, and to remind you all that the fight doesn't stop here. Please donate if you can, email your MP and most simply, share this with your mates.

You can donate via GoFundMe here:

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