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Humane The Moon "I Saw A Dog"- Tune Of The Day

Prepare to be enthralled by the emerging artist from East London, Humane The Moon, as he introduces his latest single, "I Saw A Dog." This track is a compelling showcase of indie-rock brilliance, featuring distinctive brittle melodies set against refreshingly optimistic lyrics.

Produced by Courage, the song maintains a minimalist, straightforward sound that beautifully highlights the joy found in life's small moments. Speaking about the release, Humane The Moon shares, "Like most tracks on this project, I wrote the lyrics for 'I Saw a Dog' during my commute home, this time from Bermondsey while working on emergency lighting for the council. Driving back in that January dusk at 5 pm, I saw someone kneeling by their dog, smiling. I found myself smiling at the scene. (To be honest, I was going through a rough patch at the time, mourning the loss of my beloved uncle, among other things.) It was a fleeting but meaningful moment, and the song is a conversation about that experience. 'What's the point in all this effort? I'll tell you why, in time.' It might be an attempt to accept the impermanence of life, or perhaps it's simply a song about dogs."

While Humane The Moon draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, his music is particularly influenced by iconic acts like Joy Division, King Krule, and Bloc Party. His primary goal is to create music that serves a purpose, bringing people together. His unique musical style sets him apart and establishes him as a standout figure in the indie-punk scene.

This latest release is Humane The Moon's second single, following his debut "A Track In Orbit" released last July. These two tracks pave the way for his exciting journey into the London music scene, where he creates and performs music that is a genuine reflection of himself.

"I Saw A Dog" will also be featured on his upcoming debut EP, "Mythomania," which is inspired by his experiences growing up in a city that offers boundless creativity but imposes financial constraints. The EP delves into the struggle of finding contentment amidst the daily grind.


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