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Glastonbury Festival 2024 Weather Forecast

With Glastonbury 2024 just over a week away, it's time to decide what to pack: rain mac, sun cream, or wellies? We’ve got you covered with daily weather updates as the forecast evolves.

Met Office forecaster Stephen Dixon predicts a mostly dry start to the festival with some rain possible later in the week and “subdued temperatures” for June. Speaking to the Independent, Dixon said, "There is little sign for any one type of weather pattern to dominate during this period. Typical UK conditions with a mixture of weather types are most probable."

The current Met Office forecast indicates mostly sunny and cloudy weather with highs up to 21 degrees, keeping the grounds dry until the festival gates open.

“All areas can expect spells of drier, sunnier weather, but showers or longer spells of rain are also possible,” Dixon explained.

Daily Forecast

Wednesday, June 26:

Glastonbury’s opening day should be dry with "intervals of cloud and sunshine" and highs of 25 degrees.

Thursday, June 27:

Expect a possible thunderstorm and showers. The weather will remain warm and "muggy" with highs of 24 degrees.

Friday, June 28:

Continued highs of 24 degrees with intermittent showers later in the day. Lows around 13 degrees.

Saturday, June 29:

More showers with a 55% chance of rain. Highs could reach 22 degrees.

Sunday, June 30:

Glastonbury's final day looks relatively dry and sunny with just a 1% chance of rain. Temperatures are expected to hit 22 degrees.

We'll keep you updated daily as the forecast changes. Stay tuned for the latest weather conditions throughout Glastonbury Festival 2024.


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